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more is an experienced civil engineer based in Nairobi Kenya and specializes on roads and buildings constructions more...

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I've published 2 articles that have been viewed 3,103 times. I've received +0 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 1 questions and received +0 positive votes.
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Also known as Atterberg limits, is simply the sticking nature of soil material. It is usually used to determine the amount of clay in the soil there are mainly two procedures under geotechnical engineering materials for obtaining the atterberg limit namely; casangrande and penetrometer methods The following atterberg test procedure is based on Bs 1377
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Soil specific gravity is the ratio of the density of void-less material to the density of distilled water at a certain temperature, say 270c. The specific gravity of soils is a useful data when it comes to the evaluation of volume in the soil. The difference the specific gravity test is usually whether the test is based on the British standards specification or the American standards of specifications or sometimes both. The following procedure is based on the two codes of specifications
Published by moore 66 months ago in Architecture | +0 votes | 0 comments